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Coaching during Covid

About a week ago, a colleague of mine mentioned that she is completely exhausted from "All. The. Things." Honestly, what is most exhausting, is knowing that as a people, we are most likely experiencing collective exhaustion and trauma. If you are moving slower, with less direction, getting less done than you hoped, you are not alone. Many of us will not be in our prime of productivity. By productivity, I don't just mean producing work, I mean emotional, spiritual, and relational productivity. You might be feeling depleted. Coaching during this time might feel more like trying to get to the next steps of productivity. As a coach, I'm most interested in guiding you to what that is...what are the places in your life that feel stuck? Is there a key that we can place in the lock together? By all means, you will do the turning of the key and you will walk through the door. Coaching in the time of Covid is so very different...pause, look, observe deeply what needs your attention and move towards it. And know that not everything can receive your attention. The story, your story, is not over yet.

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